Nondomestic Relationship PPO Attorney Gaylord MI

Nondomestic Relationship, including nondomestic sexual assault Attorney Gaylord MI

A nondomestic relationship personal protection order or PPO is a court order which is used to protect you from someone who you have not dated, have not lived with or married and is not the parent of your child. This PPO may be used for to prevent stalking, cyberstalking or hurting you, coming near you or even calling you, all of which the judge will decide when and if you are granted a nondomestic relationship PPO. A nondomestic sexual assault PPO is to protect you from a person who has sexually assaulted you, threatened to sexually assault you and with whom you have had no type of domestic relationship with.  To get a PPO you must have reasonable fear. In the case of a nondomestic PPO, at least two or more acts of stalking must have been committed for the PPO.

After you have filed your PPO, if it is not an ex parte PPO, a hearing will be scheduled on your petition. During this hearing, the judge will listen to your testimony in addition to allowing the alleged stalker/abuser to speak as well.

If you are the respondent in a nondomestic PPO dispute and have been accused falsely, this can be devastating and have serious ramifications. A PPO is a matter of public record and can prevent you from going certain places and even impact your employment. For this reason, whether you are filing the PPO or are the one being filed against it is important to seek representation from a qualified nondomestic relationship PPO.

Nondomestic Relationship PPO Attorney Gaylord MI

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