Landlord/Tenant Attorney Gaylord MI

Becoming a landlord or a tenant involves a commitment on the part of both parities. In all states including Michigan, there are certain rights and responsibilities by law for each party.

The Terms

A Landlord in Michigan in defined as The party agreeing to transfer possession and use of the rental property, generally the owner but not limited to. A landlord may also include an agent or employee of the owner, or a management company as well.

A tenant is defined as the party taking possession and using the rental property from the landlord under a lease. If more than one person signs the lease may state that their obligations are joint and several. This means that each person is responsible not only for his or her individual obligations, but also for those of all other tenants. If you enter into this agreement, be sure you know and understand this.

The lease is also called a rental Agreement and is the contract between the tenant and landlord, transferring possession and use of the rental property. In Michigan, a lease may be written or oral.

The first thing a tenant should do is to read the agreement. Read the entire agreement. Don’t leave anything up to chance. Landlords, be sure that you follow the laws, protect yourself, and your tenants by being a responsible landlord.

Even the best made agreement and those with the best intentions can have issues when dealing with this type of agreement. Make sure that you get the best representation possible and contact a lawyer right away if you are facing issues regarding a landlord/tenant situation.

Landlord/Tenant Attorney Gaylord MI

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