Driver’s License Restoration Attorney Gaylord MI

If your driver license has been revoked, you know the hardship of not being able to legally drive.

The Michigan Driver Assessment & Appeal Division

A revocation of a person’s driver license means the termination of the privilege to operate a motor vehicle. Repeat Drunk Driving convictions are one of the most common ways people have their driver license revoked. Under Michigan law, a person who is convicted of drunk driving twice within a 7 year period has their driver license revoked for a minimum 1 year period. A subsequent revocation within 7 years of a prior driver license revocation results in a 5 year minimum revocation.

The Driver License Restoration Services We Provide

After the minimum period of license revocation has expired, the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division notifies the driver that they are eligible to apply for a hearing. We walk our clients through the process from beginning to end. Our services include:

– We provide clients with examples of well-written community proofs

– We review the client’s community proofs and suggest revisions where necessary

– We put clients in touch with substance abuse professionals who can provide necessary services including substance abuse counseling, substance abuse assessments and support groups

– We prepare clients for the hearing itself by reviewing their proposed testimony and identifying potential ‘red-flag’ issues.

Driver’s License Restoration Attorney Gaylord MI

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