Home Safety Guide: Walkway and Driveway

Maintaining your walkways, steps and driveway for safety purposes is a responsibility of all home owners. When we think of sidewalk and driveway safety, we may first think that mostly applies to winter months when the snow and ice builds up. As a homeowner, you realize that your mail carrier expects safe access to your mailbox and children walking to the bus stop or school should be able to walk safely on a freshly shoveled and ice-free sidewalk. Cities can fine homeowners for not maintaining … [Read more...]

Home Safety Guide: Lawn and Landscape

Maintaining one’s lawn and landscape is a pleasurable pastime for many people who take pride in their yards and enjoy the never ending hard work it takes to keep them looking perfectly groomed. Everyone knows that some of the tools we use in the landscaping process can be dangerous yet every year, thousands of people are injured doing one of the things they truly enjoy. It’s common sense that we need to careful around lawnmowers, weed wackers, sharp pruning scissors, and other motorized … [Read more...]

A Review: Michigan Personal Injury Laws & Statutory Rules

In Michigan, you have three years to file your case before time begins to work against you. Typically, the time limit, or statute of limitations, begins on the date of your accident. If your injuries from the accident don't become immediately apparent, the statute of limitations for your particular case may begin on the date you discovered your injury. Injury claims against a government agency must be filed within six months; however, if the claim involves a defective highway or public building, … [Read more...]

Concerns Rise as Michigan Approves New 75mph Speed Limit

Michigan drivers love their expressways, whether heading Up North, commuting to work, or cruising to a concert in Detroit. In a response to traffic patterns, Michigan has approved a speed limit increase from 70mph to 75mph on 600 miles of interstate highways in rural areas, and an increase from 55mph to as high as 65mph for 900 miles of trunk line highways. The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the Michigan State Police (MSP) conducted traffic and safety studies to identify … [Read more...]

Michigan Leads the Way in Driverless Car Laws

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder made history when he signed the nation's first driverless car bill into law in November 2016. The controversial new law allows autonomous cars to be tested and operated on Michigan roads. Autonomous cars have no steering wheels, brake pedal or accelerator. saying “Michigan put the world on wheels and now we are leading the way in transforming the auto industry. We are becoming the mobility industry, shaped around technology that makes us more aware and safer as … [Read more...]

Head Injuries Soar Following Repeal of Michigan Helmet Law

When the Michigan legislature partially repealed the state's helmet law in 2012, motorcyclists aged 21 or older were free to ride without a helmet as long as they held a valid motorcycle license and had carried the required $20,000 vehicle insurance supplement to provide aid in the event of injury. The law was designed to give greater freedom to motorcyclists and attract out-of-state bikers whose home states did not enact universal helmet laws. Within the first year following the change to the … [Read more...]

Hunting Safety: For Hunters and Non-Hunters

During firearm deer hunting season and throughout the sporting year, the key to hunting and outdoor safety is awareness. Knowing what conditions you may encounter, what equipment you need, and having an understanding of where hunting is allowed before you head out will go a great distance toward ensuring a safe and enjoyable trip. Here are some useful tips for making your next wilderness hike or  hunting trip the safest and most fulfilling yet. Safety for Hunters Treat Every Firearm Like … [Read more...]

Michigan Personal Injury Attorneys: No Fees or Expenses Unless You Win

No Fees Unless You Win Personal injury attorneys help people who have become the victims of an injury or accident that is caused by someone else’s mistake. Injuries can be in the form of physical or emotional and be the result of medical errors, car, truck or motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, product defects, work place injuries and nursing home neglect. At Bailey-Quick Law we understand the laws relating to personal injury and are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and the … [Read more...]

Top 10 Recalls for August 2016 from the Consumer Product Safety Commission

As new products enter the American consumer market, agencies like the Consumer Product Safety Commission receive and investigate reports of manufactured goods failing, sometimes causing extensive injury and property damage. When products do not meet governmental safety standards, whether discovered by consumers or reported by the manufacturer, recalls are issued so consumers can return or repair faulty items and prevent harm. In August 2016, more than 40 products were recalled, ranging from … [Read more...]

Bailey-Quick Law Now Offers Personal Injury Legal Services

When you or a family member has been injured, the immediate focus is often on getting necessary medical attention as quickly as possible.  When the focus begins to shift to prognosis and possible outcomes, consider looking for a personal injury attorney. Even if you don’t think your injury is serious enough to warrant seeking counsel, any reputable personal injury will offer a free consultation as an initial analysis of your case.  Attorneys who specialize in personal injury law have an in-depth … [Read more...]