Friend of the Court Attorney Gaylord MI

The court is divided into 3 different types  including circuit, probate and district. Each of these trial courts encompasses a different type of court for example, the friend of the court is part of the family division of the circuit court.

The friend of the court serves as the eyes and ears of the court. From the Latin amicus curiae, the friend of the court or the FOC serves to educate the court on points of law which are in doubt, gather information and raise awareness as to issues which may otherwise have been missed. The FOC is focused on the enforcement of rulings in regard to the welfare of children such as:

  • Child Support – Any deviations from the support formula and the child’s best interests
  • Divorce – In dealing with division of time with children and how it impacts them
  • Paternity – As it relates to parenting time and custody of the child
  • Custody – Both legal and physical custody
  • Parenting Time  – Determining a schedule that is best for the child and parents

The friend of the court also aids in dispute resolution through mediation programs in addition to providing ongoing case management in domestic cases.  Made a requirement by the federal government in 1974, in Michigan, the agency who oversees this responsibility is the OCS or the Office of Child Support under DHS or Department of Human Services. Since its inception the friend of the court has evolved and today serves an important role in the investigation of cases, enforcement or rulings and resolution of conflicts either directory or indirectly. Each county has its own FOC to assist in family matters.

Friend of the Court Attorney Gaylord MI

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