Do You Have a Probation Violation in Gaylord and Need an Attorney?

Probation Violation Lawyer GaylordProbation is a privilege and if you violate your probation in Gaylord, the consequences can be harsh. Although violations and penalties will vary, it is always a wise idea to contact a probation lawyer to assist you to protect your rights. If you are found guilty of violating your probation in Gaylord or elsewhere in Michigan, you may be subject to a number of punishments ranging from community service to extended probation time or worse, incarceration.

If you are allowed out of jail with the condition of probation, it is imperative that you know, understand, and follow the terms of your probation to avoid further trouble with the law. Some of the common terms of probation in Michigan may include getting and keeping a job, going to school, passing a drug and alcohol test, obeying all laws, keeping appointments with your probation officer and appearing in court.

What Happens If My Probation Officer Believes I Have Violated My Probation?

If your probation officer believes you have violated your probation, he or she has the discretion to issue a warning or to require you to appear in court for a probation violation hearing. Depending on your history and what the violation is, your probation officer may choose to give you a second chance before ordering you to go to court or they may require it right away. If you are required to go to court over a VOP, the judge will hear and consider all the terms of your probation and all the circumstances surrounding your violation before sentencing.

Despite your past and what you have or have not done, you still have legal rights according to Michigan and the federal government. It is important that you know what your rights are when dealing with probation violations in Gaylord MI or anywhere. You are entitled to be heard by a judge who does not have a bias against you, to present evidence and to have an attorney present to assist you with your VOP in Gaylord. You have other rights, and your probation violation lawyer in Gaylord can help you.

Bailey-Quick Law Is A Probation Violation Lawyer Gaylord

If you have violated the terms of your probation or are being accused of VOP in Michigan, contact Bailey-Quick Law a probation violation lawyer in Gaylord at 989.448.2188 for a free consultation. Here to help you, we offer experience and will be there to protect your rights.

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