Probation Violations Gaylord MI

If you are convicted or plead guilty to a felony, misdemeanor or ordinance violation, the sentencing judge may place you on probation to the court. Your probation may be supervised, meaning you are under the charge and supervision of a probation officer or unsupervised. During the term of your probation, you are subject to all of the conditions of probation imposed by the court. Some of the common conditions of probation are:

  • Not violate any laws
  • Not leave the state without consent of the court
  • Reporting to a probation officer
  • Payment of fines, costs and fees
  • Community service
  • Restitution
  • Mental health or substance abuse counseling
  • Alternative incarceration programs

Regardless of your conditions of probation, appearing before your sentencing judge for allegedly failing to abide by those conditions presents a possibility of jail time. From the judge’s perspective you have been given a ‘lenient’ sentence by being placed on probation. Why take another chance?

That is where we come in: we provide the court a more positive narrative of our client to counter the negatives presented by the probation officer. The way in which a violation of probation hearing is handled is obviously going to depend upon the nature of the alleged violation. In some cases, the violation didn’t happen or their is a valid explanation for the violations: We can effectively present your defense to the Court in such situations.

In those cases where a violation of probation did occur, we can put you in touch with the appropriate professionals – support groups, counselors, treatment programs – to proactively address the problem that led to a violation. We also provide guidance to our clients regarding character reference documentation and other factors which may favorably impact the outcome of the probation violation hearing.

Probation Violation Attorney Gaylord MI

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