Misdemeanors Gaylord MI

A misdemeanor is any “lesser” criminal act and is often punished less severely than felonies. In Michigan, misdemeanors are divided into two categories, those traffic related and those not traffic related. Some common misdemeanors in Michigan include reckless driving, assault and battery, first or second drunk driving offenses, trespassing, vandalism, prostitution, shoplifting and disorderly conduct.

If you are issued a ticket for a misdemeanor instead of getting arrested, be sure to read the directions carefully and follow the directions. Both sides of the ticket may have information on them, so be sure to look at both sides . You will often be required to go to court if you have received a misdemeanor ticket. As an adult, you will then be scheduled for a pretrial conference.  You have the option to get an attorney. It is in your best interest to have an attorney. If you do not show up for any scheduled hearing, pretrial or otherwise, a warrant will be issued.

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A misdemeanor may not be considered as “severe” as a felony however, unless you follow the law and do what is required of you, consequences may still be severe.

Misdemeanor Attorney Gaylord MI

Bailey Quick Law is a misdemeanor attorney in Gaylord MI and can help. Unless you waived your right to an attorney you will need to be represented by an attorney. If you are in need of a misdemeanor attorney in Gaylord MI, contact us 989.448.2188 for your free consultation.