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Having a child involved in Michigan’s juvenile justice system can be very frustrating. The procedures, even to those familiar with the criminal justice system, can be confusing. Moreover, the decisions you and your child make could have a lasting impact upon your child’s future. Making the right decisions requires thorough legal analysis, knowledge of the caseworkers and support staff and experience practicing before the referees and judges of the Family Court.

The Family Court division of the Circuit Court handles all juvenile delinquency and status offenses (except in cases where the juvenile is tried as an adult in Circuit Court). Delinquency proceedings involve juveniles under age 17 charged with a violation of a criminal law or ordinance or with a status offense. If the juvenile is found responsible for the offense, the court may order a wide range of dispositions from probation to state custody and the orders can (and often do) include provisions that relate to the parent of the juvenile.

If your child has a defense, we can find it and zealously defend against the charge. In those cases where there is no defense, Miranda has the knowledge and experience to help your child avoid the more harsh consequences of the juvenile justice system. Your child’s best interests are best served with an experienced juvenile defense attorney: Miranda Bailey-Quick.

Juvenile Defense Attorney Gaylord MI

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