Crimes Involving a Controlled Substance Attorney Gaylord MI

A controlled substance is generally defined as a chemical whose manufacture, possession and or use is regulated by the government. Controlled substances may include both illegal drugs as well as prescription medications. Such substances are subject to legislative control.

There are many different crimes which are associated with controlled substances including delivery, manufacture, possession, maintaining a drug house as well as operating or maintaining a controlled substance laboratory. In the United States, the DEA or the Drug Enforcement Agency is the federal law enforcement agency who is responsible for combating drug crimes and enforcing the Controlled Substances Act.

The Controlled Substances Act or the CSA, was passed in 1970 to define, prevent and control drug use as well as enforce penalties in regard to crimes involving a controlled subtance. Crimes involving controlled substances can come with steep penalties ranging from fines to prison time and can be found in the CSA. The penalties which you may face will vary based on the crime as well as the circumstances relating to the crime and any record you may already have. Ensuring that you have representation to help you is important.

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Crimes Involving a Controlled Substance Attorney Gaylord MI

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