Crimes Against Persons Attorney Gaylord MI

Crimes against persons can happen to anyone. The term “crimes against persons” refers to a broad number of offenses which usually include bodily harm. General crimes against persons include assault, battery as well as domestic violence. Other crimes against persons which don’t necessarily include bodily harm include kidnapping, harassment and stalking.

Crimes against persons may not be able to be prevented however, you may reduce the risks of becoming a victim by avoiding certain circumstances such as avoiding dark areas at night, never traveling alone, keeping your doors locked and parking in well-lit parking lots. Other tips to consider for your safety include:

  • Don’t be flashy when out and about
  • Look in your car before getting in
  • Always carry a cell phone
  • Use ATM’s inside buildings when possible
  • Always be aware of your surroundings

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Crimes Against Persons Attorney Gaylord MI

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